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How it works


Gentrify gathers your town’s most creative and trendy people, and then help you to become neighbours. We find the area that you would want to move to in five years, and make it comfortable for you today, while apartments are cheap and the lack of renovated rental apartments make rent levels low. This lets you enjoy genuineness and freedom combined with the comfort and trendiness that you are used to.

1. Sign up and interview

If you want to become a part of the Gentrify family and become a Gentrifier, sign up for an interview with one of our gentrifying consultants.

2. Assessment

As soon as we have a large enough group, but also a group that feels right, we take the next step together. No matter if you are looking for a new studio, want to open up that organic bakery that you have always dreamt of, or just are looking for a place to live that is something out of the ordinary – we connect you with landlords, house owners, and apartment owners.

3. Time to move in!

When it is time to move we help you from start to finish – from moving and delivery services to sourdough pizza delivery at the housewarming party.

Are you already located in one of our Gentrify areas and worried that the new direction of the neighbourhood will not suit you? Contact us, and we will help you relocate to make room for new tenants. Are you a landlord in the neighbourhood, that would like to renovate and increase rent levels, contact us for a meeting.

About us

Gentrification, the process that turn unattractive neighbourhoods attractive, by an influx of people from the progressive middle class, is an ongoing process in larger cities throughout the world. But few feel comfortable to be the first ones to take the leap, and move to an ungentrified part of town. This is why we are launching Gentrify – We gather a larger group of progressive individuals for a coordinated move into an unattractive neighbourhood. This makes the neighbourhood style conscious, attractive, cultural, dynamic and sustainable over night, instead of through a slow and gradual process!

Gentrify will start looking at areas in Stockholm, Gothenburgh and Malmö that may be suitable for gentrification – then we identify the best areas and gather thousands of creative people and small businesses (e.g. genuine cafés or juice bars) that commit to a move. There are many upsides for the Gentrifiers:


  • Price – The Gentrifiers can utilize lower living expenses and rent levels
  • Attractiveness – The gentrified neighbourhood will become attractive, starting from day one
  • Best of both worlds – Gentrify will let you combine genuineness and freedom with the comfort and trendiness that you are used to
  • Investment – As an early adopter, you can watch an investment in an owned apartment or facility grow as prices sky rocket

We begin with

(Far Out STHLM)

Farsta is the next area to be gentrified in Stockholm, south of Södermalm. The name Far Out STHLM, is a referral to the area’s mental state-of-mind – the project is dedicated to people that are far out, and determined to follow their own dreams. Discover, co-create together with likeminded, or come to hang out, welcome to Far Out STHLM.

(Mars Valley)

Kortedala is an area that just longs to be inhabited by creativity. Kortedala holds great potential to become a flourishing new neighbourhood.

(Holrock City)

Malmö is Sweden’s Berlin, and in Holma-Kroksbäck there are already plans for a cycle boulevard. Both the location and the city planning makes the area perfect for gentrification.

Sustainability and responsibility

Gentrify takes responsibility, both in society and for the areas we gentrify.

The progressive class, with their dreams and ideas drive society forward, but they must be provided with space and conditions to be able to do so. Gentrify will aid them in this effort, to the benefit of both society and individuals alike.

By making it possible for the creative class to move into the neighbourhoods of the future while the the rent levels still are low, we make sure that the Gentrifiers can maintain and strengthen their financial position in society.

For landlords and house owners

Are you a landlord or a house owner interested in connecting your house to Gentrify? We match you with interested tenants. Contact for more information.

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